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Fat burning pyro, TF Romanian


    There is just one rule — if you come, you have to do some art.

    stațiunea de scădere în greutate lângă mine

    I knew that I want to use plants as tools, and that our piece should be site-specific. But you really plan anything two days before the event at a space you don't even know about.

    mese ieftine ușor pentru a pierde în greutate

    So with my art-partner irafoxy we quickly discussed the concept, created a mood-board and tool all art supplies we had at home. We didn't receive the fat burning pyro up until we were in the car heading out of Tel Aviv. In complete darkness we arrived to a burnt-down school complex.

    pierdere în greutate de imprimare grafică kg

    It took us some time before we found ourselves the best spot: a charred entrance to a classroom with holes in the roof and semi-burnt textbooks on the floor. This secret space was so attractively creepy that we felt we need to lure people in.

    Comentarii Welcome Hello, Welcome to my first guide that will show you different type of cosmetic sets that you can use on your Pyro. This guide is a Work In Progress, so future loadouts will be coming soon.

    That's how the concept of magic cake gate with gloomy feeling was born. Collaboration energy is amazing: with dancingdesigner.

    3 zile pierde în greutate rapid

    Our art process was a performance of its own thanks to indispensable vibe-creator papashiny who put the music, feed everyone with candies and filmed us dancing in the led-lit darkness. Another unplanned "collaboration" with crazy witch debioulu and her bucket of red blood brought the much needed creepy touch to our cute work.

    2 luni de transformare a pierderii în greutate