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Colorful neon signs and outdoor lights are leading components of its night scenes. For analysis of the result of the survey, the SPSS According to the results of the study, Night Streetscape-4 of a commercial and business district shows lively and interesting images, while Night Streetscape-1 of high-rise buildings in the shopping district, where landscape lighting is provided displays beautiful and harmonious images.

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As a result of factor analysis, harmony and liveliness were selected as representative factors. Variables related to arrangement appear to have the closest correlation to those related to harmony. With the exception of variables related to warmness, all variables indicate difference of median values in night streetscape, while those related to beauty indicate the largest difference of median value.

Local governments are among those that show such an interest.

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They seek commercial and cultural effects with landscape lighting on buildings and bridges, often using them as tourism attractions. However, such an attempt sometimes does damage to the overall harmony of the nighttime urban landscape as a result of focusing only on the esthetic quality of the illuminated structures. This study aims to analyze the subjective responses of people to the images of night streetscapes, in order to use the results for future design of downtown nightscape.

Urban streetscapes contain representative components of night landscapes.

1 June 2007 Cluj-Napoca, Romania - Lighting Engineering Center ...

The components of night landscapes covered in this study include street lamps, commercial signboards, electric bulletin boards, illuminated buildings, trees and neon signs, light from building windows, vehicle headlights, the surface of roads and sidewalks, and the windows or walls of unlighted buildings. A preliminary survey was conducted of major streets in Seoul.

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The preliminary survey was performed on the streets, including main thoroughfares and backstreets in commercial districts, where pedestrians can see the aforesaid components of night landscapes.

The process included taking photographs of the components and checking the spots from which one can have a look at the entire street.

Inclusion of backstreets in commercial districts in this study was based on the judgment that their night landscape is more affected by such factors as the brightness, size or shape of commercial signboards than main thoroughfares.

However, backstreets have limitations for the purpose of this study, as they do not properly contain the seung ni super find burner of representative night urban streetscape, including a multitude of pedestrians, various large-sized buildings, light from moving vehicles and streetlamps.

Thus, they were excluded from the main study carried out later. Night landscapes were also photographed from a car stopped at a traffic signal to grasp the images felt by vehicle drivers.

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Through the preliminary survey, samples were selected of the streets to be included in the study. For the selection, Seoul was divided into two sectors: Gangbook, the sector located on the seung ni super find burner side of the Han River, and Gangnam, the sector located south of the river.

The former has a longer history of regional development than the other.

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Two streets in Gangbook and Gangnam, respectively, were 1 - 1 selected for the study. Photographs of nightscapes were taken using a digital camera in similar conditions from pm to pm on the same daythe time of the evening that people view the most representative street nightscapes on their way home after work.

Four of them were finally selected in discussion with architecture majors. For the appraisal, survey questionnaires were given to 44 undergraduate students from the Department of Architectural Engineering in Kyung Hee University. Of those, 39 responded with valid answer sheets.

A dark adaptation period was given to them before the survey questionnaires for the appraisal of subjective responses. A brief explanatory session was provided concerning the photos, prior to the survey questionnaire. SD Scaling was used as a tool to measure subjective responses.

For statistical analysis, the SPSS High-rise buildings, including a cinema and a department store, appear as major landscape elements.

Seung ni super find burner walls of the cinema are flooded with up light. Indoor lighting in the staircases of the buildings and the inner walls of the buildings are visible through transparent windows.

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The lower ends of the buildings display dazzling nightscapes with lights radiated from street lamps mixed with lights from indoors.

Other nightscape elements include trees lining the street, vehicle headlights, neon signs and commercial signboard lights. In Night Streetscape-1, roadside high-rise commercial buildings are chief landscape images.

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Figure 1 Night streetscape-1 Figure 2 Night streetscape-2 2. Lighting for commercial signboards at lower sections of commercial buildings, trees lining the street, electric signboards on top of the buildings and the leisurely street, appear as major landscape elements.

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In addition, letters of various colors in signboards appear on higher ends of the five-story commercial building. Lights radiated from streetlamps onto trees lining the street, vehicle headlights and the paved surface of the street appear as ancillary landscape elements. Overall, dominant images are the leisurely street and the lights on the roadside commercial buildings.

Electric seung ni super find burner on upper sections of buildings, signboards on roadside buildings, unlighted high-rise buildings and the figures of moving cars taken from behind appear as major landscape elements. In addition, the light from streetlamps and the surface of the street are shown. Moving cars on the street and lighting on signboards on commercial buildings appear as major landscape images. Brightly-lit signboards of commercial buildings and electric ad signboards on upper sections of buildings appear as major landscape elements.

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In addition, moving cars on the street, streetlamps and trees lining the street appear as street landscape elements. Signboards on roadside buildings, vehicles driving on the street and brightly lit commercial signboards appear as major landscape images.

A questionnaire was composed of two general questions and ten questions about subjective feelings regarding the images of night streetscapes.

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For an appraisal measure, a five-stage SD Scaling was used. Reliability analysis was made of the words contained in the questionnaires. The reliability analysis based on Cronbach's α showed that the value of Alpha stood at 0. Table 1.